Monday, July 20, 2009

China stop genociding Uyghurs!!!

The western media is extremely biased and took all the face value of the Chinese Media, who is trying to do coverup an ongoing genocide going on towards Uyghurs ( Uighur ) and they don't cover news like this at all!!! We must stop this!!! Is it possible for western media to send a team person to the Uyghur families in Urumqi and other parts of East Turkistan and do some statistics from them(not from Chinese Media) and check whether any Uyghur men left in the family? Even the 6 year old Uyghur kids are in jail as shown on the above images and are being genocided now!!!

Don't think you are innocent or tell me this is not related to you or none of your business as you are also indirectly responsible for this, by buying Chinese stuff, by taking all the things that Chinese media says at its face value, by having a relationship with the most brutal, autocratic country in the world and supplying them with your countries resources!!! Boycott Chinese goods now and put an economic sanction against China who are genociding its minorities with the heinous crimes and crimes against humanity!!!

Until you take actions, everything you eat, drink or do has a blood of Uyghurs and Uyghur Children as you implicitly sponsoring the open genocide going on China, by not speaking up, by buying their stuff and by having economical and political relations with China.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of them are in jail and being genocided!!! It is your responsibility to have all of those arrested innocent kids, Uyghurs released and stop the genocide that is going on now!!!

Act now by boycotting Chinese goods, put sanctions against China and putting pressure on them to release all the arrested innocent Uyghur Childen and the Uyghurs!! We can do it and we must do it!!

I also have attached the link and video and pictures of a heinous crime and crimes against humanity which are going on in China even now! The video is shot on July 7th, 2009 as shown on the video time. This is only tip of the iceberg as such genocide is going on everday, every hour behind the closed doors since the Chinese occupation of East Turkistan!!!

The two lying are arrested two Uyghur college students and the people killing them are Chinese Paramilitary forces।It was leaked out to Chinese media at first and I came across to it on youtube, but it is no longer there anymore. This is all related to the July 5th demonstration in Urumqi and as reported by the Chinese Media, there are thousands of Uyghur students were arrested.(Probably much, much more as Chinese Media is not reliable at all). There are possibly hundreds of thousands Uyghurs are arrested by now and there are already reports mass execution of Uyghurs(196 Uyghurs executed at one time):

This is going on for a very long time as hundreds of thousands of Uyghur College kids were brutally murdered in the similar way for the 1997 Yili Uprising and Chinese is doing it behind the screen for many, many years. This is a total genocide against the Uyghurs and you will be shocked by the extent. Western Media will never know as most things are kept behind the door. Go and visit any Uyghur family in Ghulja(Yining) or any other town where the Uyghurs live and ask them about their sons, daughters. You will be shocked that most families children at the age 14-35 were absent as they are rounded up by the police and brutally murdered.

Also look at the link from New York Times where it reports that Uyghur families sons, some of them are barely teens were rounded up and no one knows their whereabouts after their arrest and their families are extremely concerned as this is going on for a very long time and the attached images.

The FinancialTimes is also reporting massive arrests of Uyghurs and since the prisons are full, they held at army warehouses now.

According to the statistics provided by Soviet Union and relevant Turkish sources, the Uyghurs are 35 million back in 1949 and now after more than 60 years of Chinese occupation, it dropped to mere 8 million. The red Chinese stoned to death more than 27 million Uyghurs during those years and no one in the west know about or heard about it!

I also sent another link where the Chinese Mob killing the Uyghur factory workers in Guangdong!

We must stop this atrocity and crimes against humanity as Uyghurs nowhere to turn and Chinese are truly genociding them in their own homeland in order to make sure that East Turkistan is theirs forever and get rid of all the Uyghurs. They have already destroyed the Uyghurs culture and the ancient cities like Kashgar in order to wipe them out from earth...

China is also uses Heroin for genociding Uyghur teenagers which is probably the only country in the world to use such methods and they promote the heroin usage among Uyghur teenagers through different channels and supplies. They used it very extensively since the beginning of 1990s and probably millions of Uyghur teenagers are died as a result.

Thanks for your support!